Quantum Q Flash X5DR Digital

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NEW Qflash 5d-R -(“d” for digital and “R” for Ratio)- is the latest evolution in Quantum’s proven Qflash portable flash line. The new 5d-R series used with Quantum’s FreeXwire digital radio system, now support wireless control of all dedicated camera-flash functions-Manual , TTL, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL-Ratio-up to 500 ft. away! Qflash “Digital” model T4d & X4d are “dedicated” to the latest digital and film camera systems through its own QTTL through-the-lens dedicated exposure control. Parabolic reflectors produce softer, cleaner light. And they quickly interchange for bare bulb, wide angle,

  • Full TTL Dedication for new digital and film cameras
  • Automatic Fill Mode: This mode allows setting fill flash ratios when used with one of the new QTTL adapters. Fill-flash ratios can be controlled even for cameras that do not have fill-flash capabilities!
  • Automatic Sensor Limit: This option limits the distance the Qflash sensor “sees” when in Auto mode, This prevents subject “blow out” A Qflash 4 with QTTL adapters lets you use Sensor Limit in Program, Auto and Auto/fill modes, while the flash exposure tracks the camera f/number settings
  • Quick Turn off: For temporary turning off the flash
  • Twice as many Program Modes

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Quantum Q Flash X5DR Digital

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Quantum Q Flash X5DR Digital